Payback Time!

I always think this way...
About four years ago, hundreds of people of different races and religions from different places in Malaysia gathered at one place for a reason. The place was Universiti Industri Selangor, and the reason was to move on, to be a better person.

Strangers became friends, friends became enemies, then became friends again, then enemies again, okay, you get the point. Life changed, from good to bad, or bad to worse. Or some learned something new, became good, and some didn't. But life changed.

Now four years have gone, those people who gathered at that very one place, are now scattered around the country (actually around one state only; Selangor) for another same reason; to prove that they are better than they were. It's the practicum!

It's fun to think that how those people were brought up together, then they studied their asses, or skipped classes, asked for understanding, or simply for fun-having, slept during the lectures, or took some idiotic pictures, kissed their lecturers up, or told them to shut up, but now they can do these no more, because it's a long way to go, not as students anymore.

Haha, whatever they did during their school and college years, now they are gonna get it back! Yeah, now they are teachers, and they can kiss goodbye to everybody, and say sorry, and pray for mercy! Warghkahkah!

Forgot to tell, I'm one of them.

To those who have been my friends and enemies, good luck and try your best to stay alive, coz the supervisors ain't coming to bring your corpse home, they're coming to see you perform..hail all Teslians!!!!


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