I love the way we live
as we never fail to forget and forgive
we may come from a different mile
but we always see the best of a smile

I hate those who forget
the place they grow others won’t get
why do they leave such a pretty land?
It makes me cry, you never understand

I want to throw all of you people
who don’t recognize the place of an angel
let you all slip away pitifully
away from home you will never see

I’m feeling so good as I see myself
walking on a land you’ll never have
Malaysian is the name I am proud to be
a name that I was born with already

Put A Pause

Living is definitely like how everyone perceives where you create some ideas or dreams and then chase them and put them into your thought and visualize every single one of them, where fights and battles take place and blame everything on you when things go wrong, but share the victories together when all have been accomplished, though some might say that the celebrations will not be necessary and yet questions like "Why not?" and "What are we missing?" keep on coming again and again and nobody says a word to argue or to dispute whatever that is being said, and people just keep on doing on everything and act like it is just another matter of their daily routine, and when everything is done, nothing can be undone, they start talking and they start fighting and they start putting the blame on everyone else, and it is meaningless, and the words 'it is never too late' are just too late, and if only you and them put a pause...

Please Everyone, We've Got Choices

Let's play a game, shall we? Now imagine that you're left alone in a deserted island with seven other people. Each of them has their own area of expertise, and every single one of these unique people is able to help you find a way to improve your chances to survive. The only thing that you need to do is; understand what they are saying.

1. A linguist

"When nothingness strikes you, your mind will start wandering. Work with it."

2. A doctor

"Breathing is the most basic thing in human nature. Why rush?"

3. An engineer

"I could create even the most galactic aircraft if I had the tools. How is it now?"

4. A lawyer

"Every act is vital, yet none of us listens to the voice of every juror. What do we lose?"

5. A musician

"When you have the muse, every little sound you hear is a song. Sing along."

6. A chef

"Hungry triggers you to eat, but it is the strength of the heart that gives you the taste you've always wanted. Find that strength."

7. A mathematician

"Circumstances are meant to be dealt with, but they are never meant to be dealt alone. There's got to be more in it."

Yes, of course you can ask for help from every one of them. In fact, that is the most appropriate thing to do. But the question is, who first? The first step is always the hardest.


Breathe slowly
They told me to
Think deeply
They asked me to
I’ve lived life
Red blood
Cold hearts
Scattered mirrors

Wandering mind
I had once
Lamenting eyes
I cried against
I’ve lived life
Death within
Shining blades
Burning souls


When 'Time Is Running Out', everyone will 'Sing For Absolution', and 'Hysteria' will strike them, with 'Unintended' loneliness. 'Bliss' will no longer exist, and the 'New Born' becomes far from the 'Starlight', until there is none left for them. They will scream 'Apocalypse Please'! The 'Hyper Music' will play in their heads, and blow them away from that 'City Of Delusion'!

'Ruled By Secrecy', the world is just another conspiracy, where humans live in 'Fury', and blood and tears spilled 'Endlessly'.

Nothing can be changed, unless we make a change. Free ourselves from this 'Stockholm Syndrome', it's time for us to become 'Glorious'. We are not a 'Dead Star', we are the heroes in the 'Soldier's Poem'. Don't wait for the 'Exo-politics' to rise and blame us, don't wait for the 'Assassin' to come and kill us. We are 'Butterflies & Hurricanes', nothing will stop us.

'In Your World', you make the 'Citizen Erased'. In our world, we are 'Invincible'. In your life, you make money and a 'Plug In Baby'. In our lives, we make nothing of a 'Crying Shame'. We may 'Take A Bow', but we won't be sucked into your 'Supermassive Black Hole'. Now is the moment to fight, rise up and get out of the 'Cave', and let's hear for an 'Uprising'!

p/s: A tribute to MUSE and their phenomenal songs.

One Step Forward Making Two Steps Back

People were born in this world with purposes. Some were born so that one day they will learn, while some were born so that one day they will teach. Or simply both. We were born that way, and we are now serving the world, that way. But, no matter who we are now, and on which purpose we are serving at the moment, we will never stop from making mistakes.

Just when I thought everything was moving forward, I realized that I had to start over. Oh, I hate a lot of things. I hate doing Mathematics, I hate filling forms, and I definitely hate starting over.

The world is just so cruel that sometimes in order to get better, you have and you must start over. The worst part is, it's like playing a Role Playing Game (RPG) video game. You have been playing for hours and gone quite far, but all of a sudden, the game got stuck before you even had the chance to save it! So you have to play again right from the start. Back to square one.

You have to mend every little piece of your life. You have to see everything through all over again. Can you imagine the pain?

When Tomato-Man Asks, "Where Is Joe Jambul?"

Favourite television programmes; I'm sure we have, at least one each. Whenever we watch a TV programme, we tend to think of whether or not it suits us. If it does, we'll watch it again, and then it becomes our favourite show. If it doesn't, well, obviously it won't become a favourite.

Little do we know, that when we grow up, we become demanding. We judge everything. Including TV shows. Every angle of it we observe, trying to find some sorts of satisfaction; it's either because of its perfection, or its flaws. It's not wrong. It's far from wrong.

My question is, do you still remember the shows that you used to love when you were a lot younger than you are now? If you do, do you still remember the content of those shows, or at least the reason why you loved them?

I used to love a game show called 'Di Mana Joe Jambul?' (Where Is Joe Jambul?). I loved it because it was a detective-like game show and I loved to see those participants failing the missions. Hee.

Then I also loved a cartoon series called 'Tomato-Man and the Knights of the Salad Table'. I enjoyed seeing his (Tomato-Man) determination to do the right things even though he was not so bright, and quite shy.

Well my point is, I didn't think much of their so called pros and cons. I just loved them the way they were. I didn't think much. But now, perhaps it's due to the community's demands or something, I'm not sure, people tend to think too much of a programme or show. This positivity, and that negativity, allow this and ban that, blah blah blah. Just watch it and shut your damn mouth, will you? You wanna have you say? Share it with your friends, discuss it, talk about it, but don't go around and attack people.

p/s: And one more thing, is there any good game show, ORIGINAL and GOOD game show out there in this country? All that I can see are those stupid game shows or those inspired from the foreign ones. Where is originality? Where is creativity? I'm damned bored, so bring me something! Oh, here is the magic word; 'Please'.

Rhymes And Harmonies

An old man sees two children walking down the aisle of an ancient cave. One of them is male, and the other is not. The old man walks behind them who strangely behave. The walls are cold, but the air is hot.

The children sit on a big rock, and look at each other. The old man moves and stands closer, but far enough so they will not see. The boy holds the hands of the girl and to each other they whisper. The old man feels weird, yet he feels the glee.

The children smile and laugh innocently. The old man senses the happiness, and decides to stay. They talk in riddles and run around freely. The old man does not comprehend, and wants to join the play.

The children see him, look at him, and they welcome him. The old man smiles, and hugs them endlessly. They ask, "What is a better meal than an ice cream?". The old man replies, "Why don't you tell me?".

Together they stay and share some secrets. Together they care and listen to the melody of the hot breeze. The children say, "You must have done the same thing when you and friends were midgets!". The old man cries, "Of course, when my friends and I lived in rhymes and harmonies."

Fall In Love

'Love' is universal. Everybody loves 'love'. Whether you're normal or abnormal, a civilian or superhero, a poet or rocker, a teacher or an engineer, you'll seek love. Some might say, "I don't do love". Well then maybe they should put another word at the end of the sentence; "yet".

I have always wondered about how unique 'love' is. Too many ways to describe it. But then one day, long time ago, I read something on someone's page, and her story intrigued me to come up with one good way to show how unique 'love' is.

I commented:

"that is life..
ever wondered why we say 'fall in love'? why not 'sleep in love', or 'rest in love', or 'walk in love'? it's because 'fall' is something that we don't plan..we plan to walk, to sleep or rest..but not fall..that's life..and that's love..:)"

I'm not saying that THAT is the best way to describe 'love', but it actually makes sense. Of course, any of you would have a different way to describe it.

p/s: If you're thinking that I'm in love at the moment and for that I made this entry, you're wrong. I'm not. Except with those beautiful ladies in TV's and posters. Hee. This is just a piece or writing; my 100th entry. ;P

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Think Before You Think.

Think Before You Think.


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