How Do You Know When You Are Going To Feel Sick?

Not feeling well is a common phenomenon for humans. It's like when you forgot to submit your assignment during the previous class. It's like when you forgot to wish a friend 'Happy Birthday'. It's like when you forgot to lock the door while taking a poop. It happens all the time. But also, there were times when we failed to realize, or 'forgot' that we were not feeling well at a certain moment, until our very own body laid down on bed, weak and unable to move, like a housefly under a flyswatter. And then we regretted it.

So how do we know when to know that we are going to feel sick, beforehand? Aha! Here I provide some unconventional clues. If you are experiencing any of these situations listed below, do make sure you stop doing whatever you're doing right away, eat healthy food and take a good rest. Better safe than sorry.

1. When your SMSes are full of vowels, like "I see..", "Ooowh..", "Eee...", "Blueeek", "Uuum..", "Aaa...", "Huhuhu..", "Wuwuwu.." and other made up sounds.

2. When you say "Pizza!" while pointing at a glass of water on the mini table and you repeat it again when your mother says, "What?".

3. When you start running unconsciously from the bedroom towards the living room while being chased by your mother and brothers/sisters.

4. When you start getting worried about the size of the cupboard that looks bigger than the door and wondering how it got into the house in the first place.

5. When you can't finish your favourite food and let your brother/sister have it happily.

6. When you scream in fright while watching a comedy.

7. When you don't feel bad for not going to work or class.

8. When you feel angry over the guy who invented ice cream.

9. When you can read a doctor's handwriting.

10. When your friend says "Justin Bieber is the best singer in the world!" and you don't say a word to disagree.

11. When you say "Justin Bieber is the best singer in the world!".

12. When you still say "Justin Bieber is the best singer in the world!" even after your friend had corrected you.

13. When your girlfriend/boyfriend wants to watch 'Twilight' instead of any other movies and you don't do a thing to stop her/him.

14. When you want to watch 'Twilight' instead of any other movies.

15. When you still want to watch 'Twilight' instead of any other movies even after your friend had stopped you.

16. When (sigh) your body temperature is not 37 degrees Celsius and you feel comfortable sitting in a car at 12 at noon without switching on the air conditioner.

17. When every song you sing turns into a sad song and every movie you watch turns into a horror movie.

18. When you wipe the spilled vanilla shake on the floor using your cat instead of any proper cleaning equipment while thinking "Never mind. It will just lick itself back and now I'm giving its fur a flavour."

19. When you don't like Muse.

20. When you don't support Manchester United.

The Ronaldinho-and-William Hung-looking Lady Ghost

So this Debol guy went out one night and saw something, or someone he didn't really want to see.

It all started 2 minutes back when he and his roommate talked about a 'ghost' story. It was 12.12 a.m. and Buyut was telling Debol about how he heard that the campus was 'haunted' by a 'lady'. Debol was that kind of guy who would get his heart chicken-ed by just hearing words like 'ghost', 'spirit', 'haunt', 'graveyard' and 'Miss Zubaidah'.

Buyut was like, "I heard it from a guard who heard it from another guard that years ago there was this ugly 40-year-old lady who worked at the cafeteria downstair. Her face was badly injured in an accident she had when she was a kid. Because of that, she wasn't really friendly, didn't like to talk much and she spent most of her times cleaning the floors and watching 'Rosalinda' at home. I mean, you can imagine how an ugly woman feels watching that telenovela, right? Jealousy and rage were all over her, you get me?"

"How did she look like, really? I get that she was ugly, but how ugly?", Debol was curious.

"She was...Ronaldinho-ish. And a little bit of William a woman...", Buyut answered. "Eww!", Debol reacted in disgust before his friend added, "...and she slipped in one of those toilets we had at the cafe, with her face hitting right into the nasty bowl. Unfortunately, somebody forgot to flush it before."

Debol felt like throwing up so he went outside. He threw up and then he threw up again. He was quite good at using his imagination, so what his friend had told him was repeatedly playing on his mind with 'styles' of how he had imagined earlier - Ronaldinho and William Hung combined, with some additional features from the toilet bowl.

Then he saw something...or someone. A woman was standing in front of him with strong eyes and a smirk that reminded him of a Brazillian footballer and an accidental American Idol superstar, saying, "I just wiped that floor 30 minutes ago and now you have made me feel like wiping it again. How amusinggggg!"

Debol fainted instantenously.

That was how he missed Miss Zubaidah's lectures for six days straight and got barred. His friend Buyut didn't get the chance to finish the story and tell him that the woman survived the 'horrible' toilet accident and was still working at the cafeteria downstair.

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Think Before You Think.


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