Life Is An Essay

In every beginning of an essay there exists one 'hook', or more, to be first made as the gist of an introduction. It can be a question to answer, a statement to ponder, a story to tell or simply, a fact to argue. Based on one of these hooks, the writer elaborates the next step, the content to be exact, and makes it a meaningful reading material. In real life, we all begin with a hook, too.

Then the idea is extracted, one by one, to be developed into a handful of informative and constructive messages. Each one of them shall be portrayed by a significant event or circumstance, in words, then get visualized by the imagination of the creator and the reader.

Soon, there might be some grammatical mistakes, purposely done as a slang or any sort of informality, or perhaps an honest mistake, an error which is so tiny that it will not be recognized as threatening or misleading. As long as the message gets through, everyone is happy. But sometimes, the mistakes get done in a bigger scale and more often, thus they lead to misunderstanding. However, this is not the end of the road. There is still a long way to go before the final dot hits the mark, so just wait and see how it goes. That is what we all are doing, really.

So a beautiful metaphor gets added afterward to unleash the desirable 'flavour', and some personifications to bring the concept to life, to make it real and conceivable, or perhaps certain abstract imagery as an identical background behind those words of truth, or maybe lies. The purpose is one and only; a weak but essential distraction. Not too much to make it crowded and less engaging, yet not too little to make it shapeless and wandering. Just adequately enough, is not it?

Finally, here comes the conclusion; the most important part in all types of writing, if you want to leave an impact. Some would leave it hanging with thousands of possibilities limited only by the reader's fantasy, and some would want to put a definite stop, nothing but the same and exact ending they would love to have. It can be a comedy or tragedy, and it can be satisfying or disappointing. Nevertheless, no matter how arguable an epilogue can or should be, it is the writer and the writer alone who has the power to include or exclude anything or anybody while coming up with the best possible ending, before going on with the next piece of writing.

Now, ain't it special? The point is a brilliant crystal that you can see right through it in the blink of an eye, that the writers control their way of writing as same as we control our own life. So regardless how other people react with your decision, by all means, decide your own ending.

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Think Before You Think.

Think Before You Think.


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