Why Did They Ask So Many Questions?

Well, home I am after a tiring trip to Malacca. Thank God I hadn't become the Master Of Catastrophe there. All went pretty well. In fact, I realized something over there; something that I have been forgetting each day I grow up.

There were a number of Form 1 students who were so excited to go here and there. They were running, jumping, shouting excitedly, and teasing each other like no one else existed. That was normal, I guess, for kids at their age. There was nothing I could say. In some places in this world, in order to get along, you have to go along. So, I just did whatever it took to get along with them (wait, this doesn't mean I jumped, ran and shouted with them, alright?Don't get me wrong)

But there was something else that I found interesting, in which I'd like to share with any of you guys.

Other than what I have mentioned earlier about what they did, there was one thing that made me realized how big I am now, in a sense of age. They, the 13-year-old kids, asked loads of questions, and most of them were redundant, repeated so many times.

They were asking things like, "Pasni kita pi mana, cikgu?"(where will we be heading to after this, sir?), "apa nama tempat ni, cikgu?" (what's the name of this place, sir?), "lama tak nak sampai sana?" (does it take a long time to reach there?), and more and more, repeatedly.

You know, I remember that I used to be like that when I was at their age, or younger. It wasn't that I really needed to know all those stuff (half of them, yes), but the most important thing was, I wanted to have a conversation with those who were older than I. The feeling of getting a reply from older people whenever I asked questions was like, "Yay! They talked to me!". I enjoyed it, I was happy because they listened to me! And little by little, I started to like and respect those who always went along with my inquisition.

So, when I realized this fact, I smiled. I said to myself, "I USED to be like this!".

Each day we grow up, we tend to forget those things that used to make us the happiest persons on Earth. We develop, gain an attitude, or interest, but we don't realize that we are dumping our old-selves just for the sake of being new. Not all of it are useless, okay? Whatever we did when we were kids, not all of them should be forgotten. Sometimes, we have to look back, and see if there are still things that we can bring along for the upcoming journey.

Anyway, this is one of the best ways you can come up with in order to win the heart of a child. Like I said, listen to them first before you want them to listen to you. This is how you gain their trust.

Honestly, I'm no good in dealing with kids. But I'm trying my best.


skyrocketed March 9, 2009 at 12:07 PM  

yeah ijan try to get in their shoes...
one day who knows ko akan ade anak. so deal la dgn budak2 tu even ko benci dgn budak2 wakaka!!!!

Anonymous March 9, 2009 at 12:17 PM  

yeah.. smalam member aku dr dajah 1 dlu add aku kat ym.. belom sempat berborak.. it all came back in a flash.. cmane aku membesar n all..

aku rase, aku cukop setan mase sekolah dlu utk paham kanak2 kat skolah. bile paham, kite tau kenape dorang wat sumthing. bile kite paham, xde la kite marah sgt, then kite bleh kontrol emosi, then xde la kes pukol budak time praktikum. hahahaha..

daudsvillage March 9, 2009 at 7:19 PM  

dalam kelas xde plak nak tanye2...ish...hehe

Igniz March 9, 2009 at 10:10 PM  

skyrocketed: bila plak aku benci budak2, sen? aku cuma xpandai kwl temper aku je bila diorg nakal sgt..tp xla sampai benci..yg pendiam tu, aku suka je..hahaha.

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