Aliens Will Never Know Us

A giraffe was eating an ice cream given by a small kid at the zoo..
The kid said, "this giraffe likes to eat ice cream!". The mom replied, "giraffes are like humans too.." The boy remembered those words since.

Later on the next day, he went to school and told his friends that giraffe were humans too (he forgot to mention the word 'like'). The friends laughed at him. Then he told his teacher about the incident. Trying to stop the children from laughing at the kid, he said, "Yes, what he said is true. Giraffes breathe, eat, drink, sleep, take a shit, and flirt too. Don't we do those things? They were humans once, but then were cursed and transformed into animals, because they were too lazy to study..always skipped classes..didn't do homework and so on.." The class nodded their heads silently.

Then the kids started talking about the topic all the time. "Giraffes are humans too!", "they were humans once!", "don't be lazy, or you'll become a giraffe!", "Ilyas is a lazy boy, he'll become a giraffe boy..(singing)". The story about giraffes and humans were alike became a trend, a coinage (a generalized word). "Hey giraffe (lazy bum), do your work!" said the manager to the employee.

Years later, the world had become a place full of lazy people, and the coinage was used in daily conversations. At the same time, an alien was doing an aerial reconnaissance. With an invisible mode, he landed his Unidentified Flying Object also known as U.F.O and started listening to humans' conversations. "Try not to giraffe, okay? (as a verb)", "he's a giraffe! (as a noun)", "you are so giraffe! (as an adjective)", the alien heard. Then he went back to his planet and reported to his commander.

"Giraffe???", the commander was shocked.
"I want humans! Not giraffes!! Let's go find a different planet!!"

See how forgetting and adding words could change the whole meaning of a sentence we said? First time it saved us from alien invasions, but next time who knows what effect it could bring to us...XD

What Happened During The "Earth Hour"

The lights went out..

How 'Pulasan' Got Its Name

Malaysia has a variety of fruits.
What a stupid statement..almost all countries have a variety of fruits.

Malaysia has a variety of strange fruits.
Malaysia has the famous 'stink fruit' (North American), also known as 'durian'..
Malaysia has the wicked 'rambutan'..(I just put the adjective 'wicked' randomly. It's not wicked at all)
And Malaysia has the unknown 'pulasan'...yes..huh? 'Pulasan'?

Yes, 'pulasan' is a type of fruit. It tastes almost like 'rambutan', looks a bit like 'rambutan', has 'rambut'(hair) like rambutan..with a styling gel on it (because its 'rambut' is hardened)XD!

In short, it looks like this...(imagining)..
Can you see it?
I'm too tired to draw a picture of it.

Anyway, this is how 'pulasan' got its name.

Adam: Eh, buah ni nampak sedap je..(this fruit looks tasty)
Asan: Buah apa ni? Tak pernah nampak pun.(what is this fruit? Never seen it before)
Adam: spesis rambutan ni...(don't tell me you're reading thisXD)

Reader 1: Huh?
Reader 2: Wrong translation? Typo. Typo.

Adam: spesis rambutan ni...(it's a type of rambutan I think)
Asan: Owh..apa nama buah ni? (What is the name of this fruit?)
Adam: Entah..(no idea)
Asan: Camne nak makan? (How to eat it?)
Adam: Aku rasa kita kene pulas kulit buah ni kot..(I think we need to twist its skin around)
Asan: Camne? (How?)
Adam: Pulas, San..pulas..(twist it, San..twist it)

So, that's the story, I guess.XD

Read This If You're Not An Alien

Okay, time to relax your mind...
Time to imagine and be full of fantasies...

Imagine that our beloved land, the Earth, is being attacked by one hundred battalions full of alien soldiers. The world is in chaos! Many people die and everything burns..
Then suddenly an angel comes down and says, "In order to help you fight against the outsiders, now I grant each of you a unique superpower, and go win this battle!"

After hours giving humans superpowers, the angel's power runs out. But you haven't got any superpower yet, and you're the only one left. Then the angel says, "I have no energy left to give you a great superpower..but I can still give you one of these three..they may be different and weaker from others, but they still can be useful if you know how to use them wisely..the only thing you need to do now is choose one..."

The superpowers left are:

1. The power to transform into a red underwear which is waterproof and fireproof.
2. The power to sleep without closing your eyes.
3. The power to lengthen your left hand three inches more than normal.

So? Which power and why?:P

How To Make Every Girl Fall In Love With You

I don't know.
Is it even possible?

Man Versus Woman

A. Why men are like computers..

1. They are useless until you turn them on.
2. They have loads of data but are still clueless.
3. As soon as you pick one a better model comes on the market!

B. Why women are like computers..

1. No one really understands them.
2. All of your errors can be detected and will be stored in their memory.
3. You find yourself spending all your money on accessories for them!

C. Three reasons why cats are better than men..

1. Cats love you however you look like.
2. You can stroke a cat without it thinking about sex.
3. You don't mind when your cat chases after birds, not you!

D. Four reasons why dogs are better than women..

1. Dogs obey when you shout at them.
2. Dogs don't do shopping.
3. You can give away your dogs to children.
4. Any guy can get a cute dog!

E. Why don't men often show their true feelings?

1. Because actually they don't have any.

F. What is the difference between a woman and a magnet?

1. Magnets have a positive side!

G. Why are married men fatter than single ones?

1. Singles come home, see nothing's in the fridge and go to bed.
2. Married come home, see nothing's in bed and go to the fridge!

H. What do you call a woman who knows where her husband is every night?

1. Widow (because her husband is always at one place; the graveyard).

I. The IDEAL man does not smoke, does not drink, does not flirt, does not go out late at night. In short....DOES NOT exist.

MENopause, MENstrual pain, MENtal illness, HYS(his)terectomy...ever noticed how women's problems start with men??

K. Conversation between a wife and a husband:

Wife: I wish I was a newspaper so I'll be in your hands every day.
Husband: I wish that too, so I can change you daily!

L. Confession from a wife towards her husband:

" I'd like to compare you with a nice cold of watermelon juice, beautiful colour, perfect taste, really perfect, and when the glass is empty..I just take the next one!"

M. What a man says to a woman he doesn't like:

"I look at the stars..they are beautiful..I look at the makes me feel so good..I look at you..I..I...I'd rather look at the stars and the moon again..."

N. What a woman says to a man she doesn't like:

"When I look at the stars I see you..when I look at the moon I see you..when I look at the sun I see you...again?? Well get the **** out of my way!"

O. When a man wants to make fool out of a woman, he'll say:

"What's the difference between cute and feeling cute? You don't know? Well...cute is me, and feeling cute is you!"

P. When a woman wants to make fool out of a man, she'll phone and say:

"Hey, would you like to come over here? No one's in the house."
The man went to her house, and no one was there.

Q. Mobile phones are the only things in live of which men talk about having the smallest.

R. Women are like a phone call; nice to chat with, but if you press the wrong button, the line's gone.

S. Bride's father hands a note to the groom:

"Goods sold are not returnable."

The groom gave another note back to the father:

"Contract void if seal is broken."

T. When a guy tells you that he loves you from the bottom of his heart, be careful. For this may mean that there's still enough space for another girl on top.

U. Man says it's great. Man says it's fine. Nine months later he says it's not mine!

V. A successful man is the one who makes more money than he can spend. A successful woman is the one who finds him.

Generating Ideas: Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats is one of Edward De Bono's intelligent books which are famous for their creativity and flexibility in developing thinking skills. Indeed, De Bono is a master of the art of thinking. In this entry, I just wanna share some of the ideas with those who haven't read the book. Credit goes to De Bono. I'll take none.

White Hat: white is neutral and objective. The white hat is concerned with objective facts and figures.

The white hat is about information. When this hat is used, the only thing that you should think about is information. For instance;

What information do we have?
What information do we need?
How should we deal with this?

Normally, the white hat is used on the early stage of a discussion or meeting.

Red Hat: red suggests anger, rage and emotions. The red hat gives the emotional view.

The red hat is about emotions; how you're feeling regarding the information or ideas stated. So when this hat is used, the only thing that you should think about is your feeling. For instance;

I think this is a good idea.
I don't think this will work.
My intuition tells me that this is too difficult.

Black Hat
: black is sombre and serious. The black hat is cautious and careful. It points out the weaknesses in an idea.

The black hat is about weaknesses and disadvantages of an idea. It teaches us to be cautious. When this hat is used, the only thing that you should think about is how the idea can be disadvantageous and why you should be careful with it. It stops you from doing things that are illegal, dangerous, unprofitable and so on. For instance;

We need to be aware of the possible dangers in order to be on the lookout for them. We need some black hat thinking here.

The black hat is the most used of all the hats, and perhaps the most important hat.

Yellow Hat: yellow is sunny and positive. The yellow hat is optimistic and covers hope and positive thinking.

The yellow hat is about the benefits of an idea and how it may be possible to put the idea into practice. When this hat is used, the only thing that you should think about is the advantages of the idea presented. Positive thinking. For instance;

This idea seems bad, but there must be some good points in it. Let's put the yellow hat first before we make a decision.

It is always good to use the yellow hat before the black hat. It is because, if you can't find much value to the idea, there's no point in proceeding further. But if you find much value under the yellow hat and then proceed to the black hat and find difficulties and disadvantages, you will be motivated to overcome the difficulties because you have seen the benefits.

Green Hat: green is grass, vegetation and abundant, fertile growth. The green hat indicates creativity and new ideas.

The green hat is about being creative. It opens up rooms for development, alternatives, modification and improvement. When this hat is used, the only thing that you should think about is how to modify and improve suggested ideas. For instance;

Let's have some new ideas on this. Put on your green thinking hat.

The green hat creates new views and perceptions. It's like an energy hat that helps you grow.

Blue Hat: blue is cool, and it is also the colour of the sky, which is above everything else. The blue hat is concerned with control, the organization of the thinking process and the use of the other hats.

The blue hat is about organization, the overview of thinking process. It is like the conductor of an orchestra. The conductor gets the best out of the orchestra by seeing that what should be done is done at the right time. So, when this hat is used, the only thing that you should think is the organization of the idea. For instance;

My blue hat thinking definitely suggests that we ought to be looking for alternatives at this point.
We have not got anywhere so far. Putting on my blue hat I would suggest we have some red hat thinking to clear the air. What do we actually feel about this proposal?

The blue hat is always used at the beginning (why are we here?; where do we want to end up?) and the end of a session (what have we achieved?; what are the outcomes?). Typically this hat is worn by the chairperson, facilitator or leader of the session.

Using The Hats

There are two basic ways to use the hats. The hats can be used individually to request a type of thinking during a discussion, meeting or an individual thinking process. For instance;

I think we need some green hat thinking here.
Maybe I should have some black hat on this.

Some people might be offended if people argue or disagree with their ideas. There are also people who don't have the confidence to suggest ideas during a meeting. This six hats method helps overcome these situations since it provides a neutral signal in discussing. For example;

Mr. Gardner, I would like to do some black hat thinking here.

The hats can also be used one after another in a certain sequence. But please know that there is no specific sequence in using the hats. Any hat can be used as often as you like, and you don't necessarily need to use every hat.

The most important factor that guarantees the successful usage of six hats method is discipline. You must always stay with the rule (think only about the hat you're under at the moment) while using the method.

Taken from Six Thinking Hats by Edward De Bono.
Greatest thanks to him:)


The look of a beating heart no one knows,
to prove what is inside years it goes,
how should I show the countenance
of a mellifluous song in your presence,
how should I need another aid
when the heart of mine shines in red,
love is courage of a thousand sorts
love is honest against all odds,
let the sensation perforate the time
let the magic words dance in rhyme


14th March 2009, TESL night.

The theme was traditional, so I came with a full set of 'baju Melayu', and the same problem occurred; the 'kain songket'. I still hardly managed to put it on neatly. Spent about 30-40 minutes outside the hall, just to deal with it, with the help from 2 people (including me, there were 3 altogether), but the result was disappointing. I hate wearing a full set. It almost ruined my mood for the night, as well as theirs (those two people who helped). I guess I wasn't born to wear a full set of 'baju Melayu'.


Beyond the way to the mountains
where the heart of the ocean cannot be seen
where the echoes of the creatures cannot be heard
beneath the sunshine upon the breeze
the wind and the sky singing rhapsodies

Celestial armies march ablaze the sphere
within the rumble of the heaven’s line
within the dazzle of the shining stars
between the tracks of the lost field
the massive marbles forced to yield

One Mysterious Idiom

I still remember this one mysterious idiom told by one of the teachers in my school.
I have one interpretation for it, but not sure if that's exactly its meaning.

He's a Chinese teacher, very nice, but strict, and when he talked, a lot of new things we'd learn. He was scolding some students, he talked and talked, and finally he said:

"Macam meletakkan telur goreng di mulut orang mati.."

(like putting an omelet on a dead's mouth)

Then he left, and the students were left confused.

My interpretation is that he was describing a person doing something useless. could have a different meaningXD! Is it a Chinese idiom translated into Malay language perhaps?

Moral Of Today's Moral Education

This week is the exam week: TEST ONE.
Today I got to handle several classes, just to make sure they did their test, no copying and what-so-ever.. I get to know how it feels to be able to stare at students, and scare the hell out of them! Yup, they did try to copy and discuss.

I also managed to look at some of their answers, you know, so that I'd have a bit of ideas about how they were doing. And these are some that I'd LOVE to share with you guys..

Form 1 Lestari: Lower Intermediate: Moral Education

I can't remember the exact sentence, but it was a bit like this..

1. Kita harus sentiasa percaya bahawa Tuhan adalah .............. seluruh alam.
(We should always believe that God is the ............of the entire universe)

P __ N __ __ P T __ (was supposed to be 'PENCIPTA'(creator))

But one of the students wrote: P E N C I P T A N
Was that a name of a person or something? He put two letters in the last blank!XD

2. Kita harus mempunyai .............. sebagai hala tuju masa depan.
(We should have an our future path)

C __ __ __ - C __ __ __ (was supposed to be 'CITA-CITA'(ambition))

But one of them did: C A T A - C A T A
Too proficient in the language?

And the other one believed that the answer was: C A T U K C A I R
Yeah, too proficient in the language. I swear to God I have never heard of that word in my whole life! He even changed the dash (-) into a 'K'!!XD

I don't wanna say anything. They made me laugh, indeed, but I don't wanna say anything.

Why Did They Ask So Many Questions?

Well, home I am after a tiring trip to Malacca. Thank God I hadn't become the Master Of Catastrophe there. All went pretty well. In fact, I realized something over there; something that I have been forgetting each day I grow up.

There were a number of Form 1 students who were so excited to go here and there. They were running, jumping, shouting excitedly, and teasing each other like no one else existed. That was normal, I guess, for kids at their age. There was nothing I could say. In some places in this world, in order to get along, you have to go along. So, I just did whatever it took to get along with them (wait, this doesn't mean I jumped, ran and shouted with them, alright?Don't get me wrong)

But there was something else that I found interesting, in which I'd like to share with any of you guys.

Other than what I have mentioned earlier about what they did, there was one thing that made me realized how big I am now, in a sense of age. They, the 13-year-old kids, asked loads of questions, and most of them were redundant, repeated so many times.

They were asking things like, "Pasni kita pi mana, cikgu?"(where will we be heading to after this, sir?), "apa nama tempat ni, cikgu?" (what's the name of this place, sir?), "lama tak nak sampai sana?" (does it take a long time to reach there?), and more and more, repeatedly.

You know, I remember that I used to be like that when I was at their age, or younger. It wasn't that I really needed to know all those stuff (half of them, yes), but the most important thing was, I wanted to have a conversation with those who were older than I. The feeling of getting a reply from older people whenever I asked questions was like, "Yay! They talked to me!". I enjoyed it, I was happy because they listened to me! And little by little, I started to like and respect those who always went along with my inquisition.

So, when I realized this fact, I smiled. I said to myself, "I USED to be like this!".

Each day we grow up, we tend to forget those things that used to make us the happiest persons on Earth. We develop, gain an attitude, or interest, but we don't realize that we are dumping our old-selves just for the sake of being new. Not all of it are useless, okay? Whatever we did when we were kids, not all of them should be forgotten. Sometimes, we have to look back, and see if there are still things that we can bring along for the upcoming journey.

Anyway, this is one of the best ways you can come up with in order to win the heart of a child. Like I said, listen to them first before you want them to listen to you. This is how you gain their trust.

Honestly, I'm no good in dealing with kids. But I'm trying my best.

Master Of Ceremonies VS Master Of Comedy VS Master Of Catastrophe

Today was a day of emotions.

Today the school was having its 'Maulidur Rasul' celebration, and a function was held at the main hall. I was the M.C (master of ceremonies). The ceremony started at 4.30 p.m, and together with another male teacher I handled it. It went pretty okay, I guess. At least that was my first contribution for the school. Proud of it.

But the moment before the ceremony started, I was laughed at by most of the female teachers (the male teachers weren't there at that moment)in the teacher's room. What happened? Pretty stupid. I was asked to wear a full set of 'baju melayu', including 'kain songket/sampin' and 'songkok' since I was the leader of the ceremony. So I did it. I wore a full set, and went to the mosque for the Friday prayer, then headed to school. But when I reached the school, the 'kain songket' had become a bit loose. My supervisor Mdm. Rohgenee asked me, "What's wrong with you? Asik pegang kain songket tu je?(always holding your 'kain songket'?). After I told her the reason, I immediately took off the 'kain songket' and tried to put it on again. But I never had any experience putting it on without the help from a second person. So I was struggling. Then one of the teachers told me, "you just put it on like how you put on 'kain pelekat'. Then I said, "saya tak pernah pakai kain pelekat kat rumah.."(I never wear 'kain pelekat' at home). Then she smiled and shook her head in disbelief. There were some other teachers who heard that, they laughed at me too. Then I went and asked for help from a male teacher, Mr. Zafifi, my M.C partner. Still struggling. Then suddenly another supervisor of mine, Mdm. Akma, came to the rescue. "Meh, saya tolong.."(come, let me help), she said. She made me a traditional style of wearing 'kain songket' (with the flower shape tying), then tadaa! Problem solved. But the teachers were all laughing and said, "macam budak kecik!" (like a child!). I felt odd and a bit embarrassed.

And, the moment before I got laughed at by the teachers, I was in a terrible situation. I parked my brother's car, a Wira aeroback, at the mosque's parking lot. Went into the sacred building, listened to the 'khutbah', then got into the car and slowly moved out of the place (but actually I was 'slowly' in a hurry because the prayer finished at 2.15, and I was supposed to punch in at 2.25 the latest. The place was crowded as usual, and while I was driving slowly, suddenly a man on a yellow bike gave me a hand signal and his mouth was mutely uttering, "Kereta kamu calar!" (Your car got a scratch!). I could only nod because I couldn't hear his voice since I was in the car while he was on a bike outside my car..haha. I thought it was JUST a scratch....but when I reached the school, I saw a GANG of scratches, horrible scratches on the left side of the car! Damn I felt awful, and my brother's gonna explode! Until now, I still don't know how on earth that happened..

Then I punched in, went into the teacher's room, got laughed at, became the M.C, and went home..

Tomorrow I'll be joining a school trip to Malacca, doing a favour for a teacher who asked for a male teacher to take care of male students. My second contribution, I hope.

If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them!

Yesterday I got to handle a two-period lesson for a class since the teacher who was supposed to take care of it was absent. The class was Form 1 Tekun, the last and weakest class of all.

The students were so naughty, noisy, extremely talkative, hyper-active, and less motivated. Most of them couldn't read properly. Not a word I said went into their heads.

I thought that in order to teach them the knowledge of a syllabus, they need a more experienced teacher, not me. So I just forgot about teaching them History (that was the subject for that lesson). But I couldn't ignore them. Their parents sent them to school with more than just a purpose. Not only to be able to score the exams, they sent their children to school because they wanted their kids to become a human, a better person. So I knew that I must do something.

If you can't beat them, you join them. If you can't make them listen to what you wanna say, then you listen to what they wanna say. Try to win their hearts first.

I started a topic. I asked them, "sape kat sini yg suka main bola sepak?" (anybody in here loves playing football?) Most of them raised up their hands. Then some of them said excitedly, "saya suka main ragbi, cikgu!" (I love playing rugby, sir!), "saya main badminton!" (I play badminton!), "saya selalu main hoki!Best.." (I always play hockey! It's fun..), and some other sports as well. I wrote all the sports they play on the whiteboard, then I started asking the reason why they love playing those sports. I also told them that each person must give a different reason, they must not repeat whatever their friends had said. So they gave loads of reasons to me, excitedly. "Sebab boleh sihatkan badan, cikgu!" (because it makes my body healthy, sir!), "boleh kuatkan kaki dan tangan, cikgu!" (it makes my legs and my hands strong, sir!), "boleh kejar orang, pastu tendang diorang!" (can chase people and kick them!), and more.

Then I changed the situation and made myself the centre of attention. I asked: "sekarang cuba teka, saya main sukan apa?" (now can you guess, what sports do I play?)They were all shouting, trying to make me listen to their guesses. Well at least now they were focusing on one topic.

After that, I created another topic; favourite movies. I repeated the same procedures, and the same situation happened. They were shouting, but so eager to make me listen to them.

And for the last activity, I drew a picture on the whiteboard. A balloon, that was what they said. It was indeed a balloon. Then I told them that they could ask me to draw anything they wanted. So again, they were all so excited to ask me to draw a picture of a man, woman, car, spider, you name it. So I did it. They were happy, and they said, "cikgu ni terer la!" (you're good!).

Later, I asked one of them to come in front and draw a picture. Then all of them wanted to do it, to show that they could draw as well. Well I said, "kalau kamu duduk diam kat tempat masing2, saya bagi kamu lukis." (if you sit quietly at your place, I'll allow you to draw) Guess what? They did what I told them. Except for one or two who couldn't wait to hold the marker.

I enjoyed the class. It was hard to control them, and I knew that the only way to make them listen to me was that I must listen to them first. And it worked.

And today when they saw me, they greeted me with a smile, and asked, "bila cikgu nak masuk kelas kitorang lagi?" (when are you going to enter our class again?). I promised them yesterday that the next time I enter their class, we'd be doing the drawing session again. At the meantime, they should keep drawing and then they could show it to me. So one of them said: "saya ada lukis gambar baru!" (I've drawn a new picture!). There was even a student from a different class saying, "cikgu, kawan saya cakap cikgu pandai melukis. Bila mau masuk kelas saya?" (sir, my friends said that you're good at drawing. When are you going to enter our class?). Damn, I was so happy! Every time I walked in front of the class, they'd be shouting, "cikgu, masukla sini! Woi, tu cikgu semalam, cepat bagi salam!" (Sir, come in here! Hey, that's the teacher from yesterday, greet him!)

You see now my friends? Listen to them first before you want them to listen to you!

Why Students Can't Do What They Can't Do: The Pygmalion Effect

"What You Think Can Become True"

Pygmalion is a name of a sculptor in an ancient Greek myth. He was a very excellent sculptor who succeeded in creating a beautiful woman statue, and every day he wished and thought that the statue would one day become his wife. Because of his tenacity in waiting for his dream to become true, the goddess Venus granted his wish and changed the statue to a beautiful woman.

Based on this myth, psychologists came up with a theory on the habit of thinking. It's called "Pygmalion Effect".

Pygmalion effect is a way of thinking in which a person thinks, or makes an assumption, and relies heavily on that very assumption in doing whatever he or she's doing (I'm trying to explain and make it sound as simple as possible). In short, how you're thinking is how you're doing.

This phenomenon happens in all types of human, but I'd like to scale down the scope into a student's context. It's easier this way.

Let say that you're extremely retarded when it comes to Mathematics. Whenever you see numbers, your mind turns into a monkey's brain. Then you're sitting for your final exam. You see the first page of the exam paper, and you say, "Gosh, this's gonna be difficult!". You think that way all the time.

Then the exam starts and you turn to the next page, and start answering the questions. While doing it, your mind keeps on saying, "This is tough!", "I can't do it", "I don't know the answer!". You keep thinking that way until the end of the exam. The next day, your teacher says that you failed. You couldn't even answer the simplest questions!

Why is that so? Here's the explanation. Before the exam, your mind said that the questions were tough, even though you hadn't even read the questions yet. So when you were doing them, without realizing it, you were actually acting like the questions WERE tough, but in reality, they weren't at all.

What I'm trying to say here is; your thinking, even if it is based on nothing, affects your attitudes. This is where the Pygmalion effect takes place.

There's a hypothesis in Pygmalion effect saying that reality can be influenced by the expectations of others. In fact there was a study done to support the hypothesis.

A number of teachers were asked to teach a group of students. The teachers were told that those students were actually brilliant but 'late-bloomers'..(but the truth was they were picked up randomly, which means some of them could be brilliant, some could be weak). So the teachers taught them, gave extra attention and trained them unfailingly for a period of time. The result? Their performance and I.Q developed tremendously, even better than other students!

And the reason for the success was that those 'brilliant' students were motivated by the efforts that the teachers had put on them (because they thought the students were brilliant but 'late bloomers'). This proved that the assumptions put on the students influenced them to improve and meet the expectation. Assumption becomes reality.

So teachers, make an assumption and influence your students!

Payback Time!

I always think this way...
About four years ago, hundreds of people of different races and religions from different places in Malaysia gathered at one place for a reason. The place was Universiti Industri Selangor, and the reason was to move on, to be a better person.

Strangers became friends, friends became enemies, then became friends again, then enemies again, okay, you get the point. Life changed, from good to bad, or bad to worse. Or some learned something new, became good, and some didn't. But life changed.

Now four years have gone, those people who gathered at that very one place, are now scattered around the country (actually around one state only; Selangor) for another same reason; to prove that they are better than they were. It's the practicum!

It's fun to think that how those people were brought up together, then they studied their asses, or skipped classes, asked for understanding, or simply for fun-having, slept during the lectures, or took some idiotic pictures, kissed their lecturers up, or told them to shut up, but now they can do these no more, because it's a long way to go, not as students anymore.

Haha, whatever they did during their school and college years, now they are gonna get it back! Yeah, now they are teachers, and they can kiss goodbye to everybody, and say sorry, and pray for mercy! Warghkahkah!

Forgot to tell, I'm one of them.

To those who have been my friends and enemies, good luck and try your best to stay alive, coz the supervisors ain't coming to bring your corpse home, they're coming to see you perform..hail all Teslians!!!!

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Think Before You Think.

Think Before You Think.


Books are just papers with some ink on them. They mean nothing. But they'll become something when there are people reading them.

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