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Sometimes, you just want your family to stay together.

Boy: Daddy, why do you have to go...?
Daddy: Because I have to, boy.
Boy: But why do you have to...??
Daddy: I don't know. I guess.. it's part of His plan.
Boy: I don't want you to go!!
Daddy: Please don't act like this. Everyone has to go... someday.
Boy: Not everyone has to...!!

Accepting the fact that everyone will have to face the painful reality sooner or later ... is not an easy task to do.

Daddy: Be strong, my son... I know you can handle this.
Boy: No...!!! This is so wrong!!! Why is everyone doing nothing!? Why don't you guys stop daddy!?
Big Sis: Boy, stop it!! You are just making it worse!!
Boy: Why can't all of us stay together at home...? Why does daddy have to go too?? Like mommy and baby girl! Why?? (crying)
Big Sis: He told you already! He has to! Don't be such a wuss!
Big Bro: Hey, boy, hey. Look at me. Look at me! (looking into his baby brother's teary eyes) You'll get through this... okay?

Words will not be enough. And no matter how hard you try to ignore it, the fact is there - one day we all have to leave.

Boy: But mommy already left..! She took baby girl with her! Now daddy too!?
Big Bro: Because mommy did what she had to do...
Boy: Stop telling me that everyone has to do this and that! Who made that rule!?
Big Sis: Oh God! What is wrong with you, boy!??
Daddy: Calm down, everyone...

It will get worse. 

Big Sis: How can I calm down... !?? It's just a damn report card day!! Baby girl was okay when mommy said she wanted to meet the teacher! Why can't you be the same?? Why..!??
Big Bro: Yeah, boy... why? Is there anything you didn't tell us?
Daddy: Boy...?

You will face the music.

Boy: Because... I failed in Science, Mathematics and... four other subjects that I don't know how to pronounce.
Big Sis: I knew it!
Big Bro: Oh boy... (shaking his head)
Daddy: Wait... did you say you failed in Mathematics?

But the night is darkest before the dawn...

Boy: Yeah...
Daddy: That's my boy!!!

In the end, life is not as hard as you imagine. Tehehee.


Anonymous June 19, 2012 at 7:50 PM  

Oh God..please, let our children pass Mathematics.

ena meina June 30, 2012 at 5:16 PM  


(Naoko) Nadzirah Salwa October 29, 2012 at 11:20 PM  

Hi Igniz. Thank you for replying my comment regarding TESL the other day. Can't wait for your next entry :)

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