The name of my dreams
though time never hides,
often I wish,
after days become bright

Replace my innocence
and that never kills,
name all the lakes,
rivers or hills

What for me is
more than anything,
a smile from you,
simple and shining

Will that be you
my face in the mirror,
replace my sadness,
be gone my fear

Siberian Army And The Final Frontier

After days of hellish training, tomorrow will rise a chance for them to show what they are made of. They started with 15 ordinary individuals, but only 12 of them survived. And these 12 soldiers, will battle through the gates, fight and struggle, and remain standing in the battlefield. But they must not forget, the strongest enemy lies within. They may beat those enemies in front of their eyes, and they may succeed. But this 'enemy' inside them, will try to shake their belief, will want to destroy their fortress, and will march to banish every last one of them.

The enemy is named 'fear', and will this fear rise above them?

I've been training the Siberian Army for about two months now.
And tomorrow they are going to war. Will they fumble, will they falter?

I once read 'Crayon Shin Chan' and he suggested a name for their performance team. The name was 'pasukan tentera Siberia' (Siberian army). I thought the name was cute, so I decided to give the very same name to my drama team. I told them that they would be using the name until the moment they come up with a better name. But it seems now they have grown quite fond of it, and they don't want to have another name. So be it.

Tomorrow when the sun rises from the east, they will battle. They will not know what lies ahead, and they will try, and I will chant their name proudly.

Siberian army!! Ya-ha!!

Light Is Faster Than Sound

How do you define 'positive thinking'?
Is it by telling yourself, "think positive!" 2,314 times?
Or is it by telling yourself, "don't be negative!!" 3,747 times?

I once read, "to know whether or not you're a positive thinker, it actually depends on the number of birds that shit on you.."
Yup, the number of birds that SHIT on you.

You're a positive thinker if a bird shits on you, you don't get mad, you don't get angry, instead you say, "thank God cows don't fly.."
You're a positive thinker if more birds shit on you, you still don't get mad, you still don't get angry, instead you say, "I hope cows will never fly.."

Some people loosely assume that they can always tell who's positive, who's intelligent and who's not by simply looking at how that particular person looks.
They look to his/her face, appearance, attitude and whatnot, and then say, "I'm sure he's a positive thinker!" Or, "oh God, she is so intelligent!"

But be careful my friend, for light is faster than sound.

That is why some people may look intelligent, until you hear them speak.

Who started this moronic 'intelligent and positive face' anyway? Intelligence and thinking skills has got nothing to do with the size of our brain, and obviously it has got NOTHING to do with how we look! Come on, look at Einstein!

From Teacher With Love...

Today, during the drama practice, I gave my students something to ponder.

I said:
"If you give your nose a 180-degree twist, you will drown every time you take a shower..."


If You're So Good At Guessing, Don't Tell That To Anybody!

This is a true story.
The boy was only 9 years old when it happened.

In the class, during the recess, the boy and his friends were running around the class and chasing each other like crazy. At the same time, there were some girls, his classmates, chatting and gossiping with one another happily.

The boy was running so fast. His friends were chasing him from behind. All of the boys were wearing the same standard school uniforms (blue pants and white shirts), and the girls with their standard 'baju kurung' or 'mini-skirt-like' uniforms (I can't remember what the term of that kind of uniform was).

Then suddenly, SUDDENLY, and ACCIDENTALLY, the boy slipped and fell right next to the girls, with ONLY his head under one of the mini skirts...(only??)
The girl screamed! She said, "pervert!!" while the others joined her.
Trying to defend himself, the boy explained that it was an accident, he DID NOT do it on purpose.

The girl didn't believe him, and wanted a proof. So she asked, "what's the colour of my underpants?" (What a stupid question!)
He could have just said "I don't know", or just ignored her, but instead he said, "White with some red polka dots?" (What an honest-stupid boy!)

Then the girl went to a corner of the class with her friends, and checked it. (She herself was not sure of 'her' colour!!)

Seconds later, the girl came towards the boy and said, "So you DID see my underpants! Pervert!"

It was true!!!! It was white with red polka dots!!!!
The boy tried to convince the girls and the others that it was a coincidence. He totally DID NOT see it, and was just GUESSING, but nobody listened. So he cried.

Moral of the story: it's the title!!XD

Are We Actually Aliens, Too?

I have been wondering about the status of being an alien.
How did we come up with that status anyway?

We call aliens 'aliens' because they are not from this planet.
They are foreign creatures from another planet; a different world.
'Alien' means a creature from a different world, yes?

But, when I think about it again...

Aliens live in a different world, a different planet.
Which means they are not living in the same world, the same planet as we are in now.
Simple fact, yes?

So this also means those aliens have the rights to call us 'aliens' as well, because we are NOT from their world, their planet! To them, WE are foreign creatures!

So, are we actually aliens, too?
Who are aliens anyway?

Something to ponder, yes?

Diving Is Better Than Not Diving

Date: 28th March 2008

Duration: A split second

Class: World class

No. of Students: 78

Students' proficiency level: Not very confident

Background Knowledge: Students have seen so many people diving before.

Theme: Health

Learning Outcomes: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
1. Dive properly at the swimming pool.
2. Dive more often at the swimming pool.

Learning Objectives: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
1. Dive properly by following at least five out of eight steps successfully.
2. Dive at least three times at the swimming pool.

Educational Emphasis
: Diving Skills


Students greet the teacher and start the lesson by asking him the correct way to dive. Teacher gets out of the swimming pool, stands up and gets ready to dive immediately. Students respond by clapping their hands.

Teacher prepares himself in a diving pose. Students look and wait patiently. Some of them become too nervous thinking that teacher might get hurt, cannot take the pressure, and then faint. But teacher proceeds with the lesson anyway.


Teacher starts the diving process. He bends his knees and gets ready to jump. Students hold their breath and start praying.

Teacher jumps off the rock and dives into the swimming pool. Students become so excited, they hold their breath for another second.

Teacher flips his body over in the air. Students cannot really see the movement as it is done in a split second, but they shout in excitement anyway. At the very same moment teacher exclaims, "Hey everyone! Look at those two boys! They have the same pose and expression from the start until now!"

Teacher continues flipping over his body in the air seven times. Students become so amazed and continue shouting in excitement. However, more of them fall unconscious (forgot to breathe).


The gravity starts to play its role. Teacher says loudly, "Here I am...!!! Later I want all of you to do the same thing like what I'm doing now, but with different movements! Do not copy!" More and more students fall unconscious.

Teacher 'lands' into the water with style. Students clap hands and cry excitedly. They say, "you're simply the best!!". Teacher asks for moral values of the lesson. Students respond by saying, "we should never dive onto the floor..", "we can never dive better than you, sir..", "diving is better than not diving.." Teacher concludes the lesson by giving homework; go home and dive anywhere you want (as long as it's not hard grounds) at least three times.

"Kem Motivasi Dan Kursus Kepimpinan An-Naim, Ulu Langat"
Thanks to En. Shariman Zakaria for the great picturesXD

Okay, that was a lame dive.

What A 'Teacher' Means

"A person whose job is teaching, especially in a school"
- Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 7th Edition.-

What did you expect?XD

Dream Superpowers!

Assuming that I'm just an ordinary guy, I'd dream to be having a superpower or two..right?
So, if I were to have a superpower..or superpowers, I'd want:

1. Extreme electric manipulation (ability to manipulate and produce electric charges)
2. Pyrokinesis (ability to manipulate and produce fire)
3. Rapid cellular regeneration (ability to heal instantly)
4. Psychokinesis a.k.a Telekinesis (ability to move objects by thinking)

And it will be like this:

My right hand will be manipulating positive and negative charges surrounding me and then it generates electricity (lightning or electrical storm or whatsoever) out of them. It's red in colour, blood-red.
On the other hand, which is my left hand, will be manipulating and producing hot flames, and they are blue.

So those who mess with me can choose either one of these; stunned by the red electric charges or barbecued by the scorching blue flames, or both.

Then every time my body got injured, it heals right away.
And yes, I can use my telekinesis to fly by making myself float into the sky.
Cool huh?

But if I must choose only ONE of those superpowers, it will be 'extreme electric manipulation'.....
To me it's the coolest superpower. Imagine yourself capable of producing lightning.....hehheh.

A superpower like what Peter Petrelli (used to) and Sylar (both are two of the main characters in 'Heroes') have is cool; the ability to copy and obtain other superpowers, or in short; an empath.
But that would be too greedy and unfair, although I personally like it too!XD.

So, what's your dream superpower(s)?
The ability to freeze time? Invisibility? Cryokinesis (ability to produce very low temperatures)? Invincibility? Human flight? Incredible strength? Telepathy (ability to read minds)? Technopathy (ability to manipulate technological instruments)?
Don't tell me you never dreamed one.


Procrastination of time
you and I and a lame joke,
singing a song without a rhyme
then my nose’s a place you’d love to poke,
you cry on me but I laugh at u hard
in a blink of an eye suddenly you fart,
it’s never to you to become too late
just ask the girls you tried to date,
no is a new yes to you, mate!

In our very own slum
we’d play the stupid game,
when they wanna have some
you’re so not the same,
you make your move so they will reek
forgot to say there’s a dead fly on your left cheek,
I bark at you when you block the sun
then you fart again when I stand up in front,
is it a two-year save, shotgun?

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Think Before You Think.


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