When Will You Unleash Your Worst Feeling?

Allow me to go straight to the point this time. When will you unleash your worst feeling? A simple question and I believe a lot of us can produce more than one answer or situation that leads to our damnedest emotions. Well, I can suggest some predicaments. Let us see if any of these hits a bullseye.

Predicament One - Losing Your Best Effort

Imagine you're working on something. Be it an assignment or some other work, you do it with your best concentration and determination. Then you finish it, and save it in your computer. The next day when you're about to print and submit it, you realize that the data has been corrupted, or accidentally deleted. Tell me how you feel.

Predicament Two - You Don't Score

Examination is just around the corner and you have been studying and preparing yourself to ensure that you will come up with the best possible result. When the time comes, you enter the hall, refresh your mind, and suddenly you realize that it is blank. You panic, and you don't do well. When the paper ends, you go out and curse yourself, while all of your friends are laughing and telling each other how easy the paper was. Tell me how you feel.

Predicament Three - You Kill Your Pet

You always spend your time playing with your favourite pet. You never miss a day. Then one day your family plan for a seven-day trip and you excitedly join them. Well, you can't bring your pet together, which means you have to leave it. After seven days of thrills, you come home just to see your pet lying in the cage, not moving. You forgot to leave some food and drinks. You even forgot to set it free. Tell me how you feel.

Predicament Four - Someone Dies

This is the regular basis of everyone's emotions. Everyday you love someone, a family or friend or partner, and life is never complete without any of them. But one day you have to face the reality, that people will die and leave you waiting for your turn. When someone you care leaves the world and never comes back, I can imagine how you feel.

Predicament Five - Being Unwanted

Personally, I believe this is the worst. The worst feeling in the world comes out when you see the one you love, is loving someone else. You watch and meet them, you sit right next to them, but you know you can't have them. They talk about other people. They miss other people. And the best part is, you're not good enough to try and win them, and you're not even bad enough to sabotage and turn things around. How would you feel?


Fakhrul Anour December 14, 2009 at 12:29 AM  

I've experience all the predicaments.

Predicament One -First time I've had it, I felt I was cursed badly. But now, I'm use to such tragedy until I've become the one person who forgive & forget. The good thing is... when I did it again from scratch with an open heart, the content appeared much better than the first one. ^_^

Predicament Two - I've done with putting hope on scoring since primary shcool. When I was an active student in sports & other activities representing school, college or state, all I wanted to do was scoring yet I always failed. Finally I've no desire to score but do my best. U know what happened since then? I keep scoring. Life is really unpredictable... now, I just let life score for me & I'll work on things I'm able to do.

Predicament Three - When my 6 years old pet, Oga (persian cat) died, I lost hope to raise anymore pet. Having Oga's attention without complaint all the time, really made me feel needed & love in such a special way. But once he died, I felt I don't deserve to keep anything alive... until today, Oga is in my grieve. If ever I plan to have another pet, still I will name it... Oga.

Predicament Four - Facing my mother's last breath on earth, was the strongest thing I ever did in this world. Yet that was the most painful kinda strength I ever felt. Until then, being in danger is not my worry &... this is what worry me always. My bravery has become my worst enemy than my own mental disorder.

Predicament Five - Having all the above, feeling unwanted is not in me anymore. I don't care if I'm unwanted & my job now is to make others feel wanted (whenever I feel like it) by struggling to make myself being a responsible person. Being unwanted in the most wanted way...

So Igniz, that's why your wise thoughts always amaze me. Keep writing your observations whenever you have desire to do so, that will make you one of the original... a great writer.

Judiene December 14, 2009 at 12:48 AM  

ok here are the answers

1) i feel like i want to smash my laptop on the floor! damn!

2) damn it! i might cry..

3) no, no, its not happening. it's my fault!

4) u knew it already right??

5) sad.

Igniz December 14, 2009 at 5:35 AM  

fakhrul anour: thanks for sharing. well, everyone has their own way of dealing with these situations. and i believe the best way is to know ourselves better than others. that makes us stronger. :)

judiene: thanks for sharing. i have to admit that i have experienced all five. :P

anak pak man December 15, 2009 at 12:04 AM  

1) i would totally just lose it say the drop the F-bomb as many times as possible, bugging my friends.. i wouldn't even attempt to re-do it if the deadline wasn't the day after.. if it was, then i'd do a crappy job while sleeping to chants of the f-word.. haha (i really need to work on decreasing my cursing)..

2)well, i've never actually "scored" in any exams (but i've never failed in anything that i was confident about either) but i could relate that to sports.. weeks of training, then when the actual tournament comes, i play like shit.. that would really piss me off to the point of tears.. huhu

3)that's why i don't keep pets.. :P

4) i've never had a loved one taken away from me, but i would imagine it to be the worst feeling of all, plus, the feeling won't go away..

5)it would be like crap.. but i wouldn't be patient, knowing all the circumstances.. i would just try my hardest to forget that person and avoid her by any means necessary..

and another brill piece by mr. igniz..

Igniz December 15, 2009 at 5:35 AM  

anak pak man: about ur no.1 case, well, at least u curse. if me, i'd curse and something would be destroyed. hehehe. thanks for the compliment.

Anonymous December 15, 2009 at 1:55 PM  

ohh. 'damnedest'.there is such word ne~ oh my rusty english (T.T)

Igniz December 15, 2009 at 4:50 PM  

anonymous: banyakkan membaca, kompem tak rusty. :)

phyto hystrix December 15, 2009 at 6:11 PM  


Sometimes-most of the times,we don't get what we desire. And it's very difficult to accept it. There are times when we've worked hard enough the result just doesn't fit the amount of effort we've put in,and we feel disappointed over it,or too tired to do it all over again..but when such things happen,all that we can do is to be patient and refresh our mind. There's no point of being angry because it won't help.. It's better to tell ourselves that it's okay and that we can get through it. Self-motivation,everything will turn out fine. :)

Losing someone,either being left or that they die,is something a bit different. As for me,I'd sit down,breath deeply and let it out again. Crying may ease the pain but even without crying,there's other way too. Allah owns every single thing He created,including us. When He decides to take our loved ones away from us,it doesn't mean that we've totally lost them. They will still be near,as long as we remember them and send them our love through prayers. We'll never lose them that way. I know how it feels,I've been through it. Being left too,is a fate and whatever it is,there must be a reason why. Only He knows what's best,none of us knows exactly what lays ahead on our path. But to keep ourselves strong,just believe that Allah is never cruel. For every test He made for us,the patient ones will always be rewarded.

Ujian bkn dtg sekali,from simple things as laptop breakdowns to serious ones as deaths. Every time it comes,we need to sit down and reflect..He's telling us something,and that's because He loves us so much He wants us to grow into a better person..

Igniz December 15, 2009 at 6:46 PM  

phyto hystrix: thank you very much for the comment. :)

Emmi December 19, 2009 at 2:26 AM  

Hi! Im not a stalker or anything but ur blog title is just too appealing to be checked out. Hahah. Plus, u have Fakhroul Annour commenting on your post. (OMG! im a big fannnn!!! )

I need some mental orgasm and am still turn on from syafiq FB post :p. I have too much time on my hands tonite so here it goes :

1. Losing your best effort : I would feel like jumping out of a building at first. Then try to cover it back up with all the time I got left. Knowing that I have put effort on it is good enough rather than nothing at all.

2. You Don't Score : I would feel numb + angry at myself.

3. You Kill Your Pet: I feel guilty to the max! I wish I could turn back time and made a wiser decision. But the best I could do from that moment is make a proper burial for my pet.

4. Someone Dies: This would be hard. No words can describe it. Time just heals everything.

5. Being Unwanted: I agree with this one. It is the worst feeling to see something infront of you but it is unreachable. It hurts deeply inside and I would feel hopeless. But again, why waste all the emotional energy towards something that u can't have. I would divert it to find something that would satisfy myself. :)

I like the last comment by phyto syntrix. I truly believes that every thing happens for a reason and every cloud have a silver lining. From my personal experience, something equally good will happen after a disastrous moment. And the bad things that happen to us is just God's way to prepare us be stronger for future undertakings. I won't be the person I am today if there weren't crappy things that happened while I am growing up :).

Max J. Potter December 19, 2009 at 6:19 PM  

i..have never had...any of this. i hope i'll never have number 3. =(


you're invited!


Igniz December 19, 2009 at 8:36 PM  

emmi: yup. every cloud has a silver lining. the important thing for us to do is learn from what we have encountered. :)

max: thanks! will drop soon. :)

Fakhrul Anour December 24, 2009 at 9:54 PM  

Emmi: Your point 3, I did that. I did a proper burial for Oga... accompanied by 2 of my bestfriends. Trust me, it was damn proper that everytime I cross by his grave, I can never stop having crystal eyes. It is near highway at traffic light nearby the Tasik Permaisuri's football stadium. (*thanx for being my big fans... ^_^ huhu! Anyway, have u read my latest book?! Heee! & thanx too, Igniz did sent me your best regard 2 days ago... or was it 3 days ago, Igniz?!)

Fakhrul Anour December 24, 2009 at 10:01 PM  

Igniz: Did u just cursed max? Or u meant will drop in her blog? I've read it... her blog! Ig & Nina... wow! Was it you in that story? Max really has character in her writing... just like u.

Igniz December 24, 2009 at 10:19 PM  

fakhrul anour: about emmi's regard, it was yesterday, dude....hehe.

about max, nope, kenapa lak nak curse?? what i meant was 'i will drop by soon'. i forgot the word 'by'. i knew her blog because someone told me that she was writing a story with a character named 'Ig'. that's all. i dont know her personally. but i agree with u. she's really good! :)

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