When You 'LIKE' To Hate...

Let's start this topic with a very simple question. What is the main reason you open up a Facebook™ account?

To show that you are following the trend? To show what kind of cars you have? To see how popular you are? To make enemies and reasons to hate each other? Or to make friends and stay connected?

Forgive me if I am being offensive, but I think whatever reason you have in mind now, none of them really matters when you forget and break the limit...in a very negative way. Okay, long story short, let's take the most 'famous trend' in Facebook™ nowadays; The Hate Pages.

You see this woman? Yes, she is quite annoying and for me the video is not funny at all. But to some people, this is damn hilarious and it actually makes their day.

But recently I found out about a page that suggests and encourages people to hate this woman a.k.a teacher because to them (the page) she jeopardizes the credibility of being an educator by acting 'that' way. Owh, you should look at all of her videos. They give me goosebumps and I don't like it.

But hey, hey, hey! What is so wrong about that? She is just enjoying herself. She doesn't hurt or kill anybody, she doesn't get naked and dance erotically, and for God's sake, she hasn't got anything to do with that Freemason/Illuminati organization. So why do some people get so irritated by her videos? If they don't like them, then don't freaking watch them! Why on Earth do they have to make a page and hate her?

Let me ask you another question. Are you a teacher? Have you been one? For those who don't know, let me make you know.

A mother takes care and educates her sons and daughters. A teacher takes care and educates her sons and daughters, and yours, yours and yours. Do you have any idea how tiring that job is? Awfully.

So in order to deal with that amount of stress, some teachers resort to hurting, molesting, raping, kidnapping or even killing their students. While some choose to enjoy themselves by making a video and posting it on YouTube™. Now if you take that away, what are they going to do?

I understand if you say those videos of hers do not suit her image. Yes, go ahead and make a complaint. Oh, I just said it. Go make a complaint, formally! Write a letter or something, meet somebody and let that guy know how you feel. I am sure when the teacher hears that her recent activity has been inappropriate, as an educated person she will control her behaviour, at least in public.

But when you freaking create a page and ask people to join and hate her publicly, you are actually doubling her stress, humiliating her, and every chance for her to change and improve herself goes right out of the window. Same applies with any other people you hate in a Facebook™ page.

Instead of thinking about, "Oh, they don't like what I do. Maybe I should change a little bit.", they say, "What's the point in changing myself? They already join forces and hate me. Even if I change, they will still hate me. So f**k off!"

Come on, let's use our common sense here. It's completely normal to hate certain people. I myself do hate certain people and I'm sure there are people out there who feel the same way to me. But do we really need to inform the world about that? What if the same method is used against you? What if one day out of nowhere there's a page that hates you? (Now when I think about this again, ooh, there might be a page that hates me afterwards.)

If you're really dying to have a page to 'like' using your hatred, then by all means go 'like' those pages that hate whale hunting or something.

I was once a teacher for a very short period of time. Trust me, being a teacher is one hell of a stressful job. Don't simply hate them because they are on YouTube™ singing a song.

p/s: I'm too lazy to upload the video. Just click the link, okay? Sorry.

Time Traveler's Dreams

What would you do if you could bend time and space and go back and forth from the past and the future? Or in a simple sentence, if you could time travel?

Ooh, there must be a lot, yes? There must be a list of things you wish to have done or not years ago, and there must be some sort of dreams you would want in the future. Cool. Okay, why don't I ask this question to myself and see what I would do if I was allowed to time travel. Come on, humour me.

What would I do if I was a time traveler?

1. I would definitely go and meet Albert Einstein, Galileo Galilei and the rest, and tell them not to make any useful formula about Mathematics. I would force them to ignore the logic and make the subject seem less important. If they refuse, then I dump them in the age of dinosaur. See if they can formulate that.

2. I would find the young Matt Bellamy (MUSE) and tell him that one day he's going to be a music genius, join an awesome band, win a lot of prestigious awards and have a really great fan (that would be me). So in return he'd make songs with me in their lyrics, people would be asking, "Who the hell is Igniz? Matt keeps mentioning his name!" and he'd say, "My muse".

3. I would tell Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and George Bush that they're going to suck. So just go and jump off a cliff or something. Do not waste Earth's oxygen. Oh yes, I'd definitely tell Lady Gaga not to make the 'Alejandro' video clip 'that' way because it freaks me out.

4. I would remind myself not to waste my time and money going to cinema to watch crap movies like...too many.

5. I would kidnap the 8-year-old Stephenie Meyer and tell her thousands of times that vampires don't sparkle under the sunlight. They burn! And werewolves are supposed to be half-man half-wolf, not a complete obese wolf!

6. I would reveal all the correct answers for every test and then spend my study time playing. (Don't tell me you didn't see this one coming.)

7. I would help myself choose which queue I should take at the ATM machine because so far the one that I've taken has always been the longest one (duration wise).

Well, it'll take about 88 years if I want to list down everything. So let's make do with these seven for the moment, alright? So, what about you? What do you have in mind?

Let Us All Become Racist

I'm tired of hearing things about racism. I'm bored with being one of those people who got stuck in the middle of a war of words between one race and another. I am fed up. So just to make things a lot easier to comprehend and stop this 'I'm not racist but you are' nonsense, I decided to have these ideas of mine written and published. Let us all become racist.

Haven't you realized the exact reason why racist statements and acts become so sensitive in our country? It is because only a small amount of us can be considered racist while the rest is neutral. So when somebody mentions about the spirit of 'me' instead of 'us', everyone gets excited. But. Imagine if every single one of us is being racist, will racism be a problem? Ah Beng says, "I hate Malays!" and Samad replies, "Yeah, I know that. We know we hate each other, so what's the big deal?". Nobody is going to make a fuss when it's only normal for one to become racist, yeah? So again, I think we should all become racist. We should all hate each other.

However, in order to make this plan work and become a REAL racist, you need to do these following things:-

1. Do not EVER eat food that is not made by your own kind. If you're a Malay, do not consume 'roti canai', 'kuey teow' or spaghetti. Vice versa.

2. Do not EVER go to any sort of places that portrays the life of other races (including the sound of them!). If you're a Malay, do not go to Masjid India, Chinatown or Low Yat. Don't even travel to other countries! Vice versa.

3. Do not EVER idolize anybody who hasn't got the same skin. If you're a Malay, do not make Jackie Chan, Johnny Depp or even J.J Fernandez (the Hitz.fm radio announcer) as one of your idols. Vice versa.

4. Do not EVER watch any movie that includes people who don't speak your language in one way or the other. If you're a Malay, do not watch....anything. Vice versa. Maybe.

5. Do not EVER flirt with any hot girl you meet or see if she is not from the same race. If you're a Malay, do not fall in love with Marion Caunter, Aishwarya Rai or Kate Beckinsale. Vice versa.

6. Do not EVER learn about other languages. Do not expose yourself to a second language like Mandarin, Japanese or English. Do not speak, read or get involved with them no matter what. (You do realize that this is written in English, yes?) Vice versa.

And so many more don'ts...

So, think you can do all these things? Of course you can if you truly are racist, right? But if you find it hard to do all of the above, instead of humiliating yourself by being a poser, I suggest you do number seven.

7. Don't EVER become racist. Don't even try, at all.

p/s: Still, I know everyone is being racist in a very little way. But don't fight it. Just make sure that amount stays and never grows up. Chinese girls are hot and Indian boys are great sprinters.

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Think Before You Think.


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