Nadea & Her Spiritual Walk: Night Two

Nadea finds out that her beloved blue-eyed teddy bear is missing. She looks for it for hours, and then spends a few hours more crying. Her grandfather does not know how to make her stop, so he decides that it is best to leave Nadea alone in her room and wait for the clouds to finally disappear and make the sun bright again.

Nadea finally falls asleep. In her dreamland, she travels a thousand miles and meets a girl of her age playing with a blue-eyed teddy bear, just like hers. As a normal young innocent girl, Nadea runs towards the girl and grabs the stuffed animal away from her. The girl cries, and she cries so sadly. Nadea tries to ignore, but she cannot bear the guilt of it, and returns the toy right away. The girl smiles again, but Nadea is no longer there to see it. She immediately walks away into a farm nearby.

At the farm, she meets a farmer who is crying. Nadea approaches him curiously and asks for the reason of the dropping tears. The farmer tells her that his farm will be taken by another farmer sooner because of his undying debts. Nadea comforts him for a moment, and then unhappily leaves the farm.

Later she enters another farm which is bigger than the crying farmer's. This time, she is greeted by the owner of the farm; an old man. He talks about how hard he has been working on the farm with never-ending efforts, and how he fends off another farmer by using his debts to him. He forces him to surrender his farm unwillingly. Nadea hates him, and shouts that he should never do that to others. She cries, "You must never take away someone's dear!". But the farmer replies, "But if I were not to buy that farm, then he will work all day and forget about his daughter. Therefore I must stop him from working so that my granddaughter will stop playing alone with her toy and meet her father again. So for the moment, please allow me."

Nadea feels shocked. But she instantly realizes that the old man is just trying to bring a father back to his daughter. So she leaves the farm and rushes back to the girl who she first met. She slowly takes the toy from the girl's hands and explains to her that her father will be back. Before the girl even manages to react, Nadea disappears with the toy. She then wakes up with her grandfather standing beside her, with her beloved blue-eyed toy in his hands. She smiles at it, but then she cries at him, "I didn't know what to do. I'm not sure if what I did was right."

Talking about the chain of events and how one decision affects another.

Night Two ends.


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Think Before You Think.

Think Before You Think.


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