Nadea & Her Spiritual Walk: Night Three

Nadea meets a young lady who goes by the name of Marya. She complains about her husband who has been missing for almost five hours. Now that she mentions it, Nadea looks around her and realizes that she is in a gigantic building with boutiques and gift shops and video stores smirking at her dazzlingly.

Few seconds later, a young man approaches with a bundle of bags with foreign names on each of them, and those bags are so abounding that the sight of him can only be realized when he says, "Marya darling, where have you been?".

"That's my line! Where have you been, Jezz?", she claims. Her eyes are glaring at the bag mountain. "I was following you, but you were like, hopping from one boutique to another, and I lost you..", he takes a breath, " I decided to do my thing at the meantime." "You mean, do your shopping? Oh my God, can you see, can you see how much you've spent for all of these? They worth a country, Jezz!"

Little does she know that while she is hysterically nagging about the possible worth of her husband's expenses, Nadea is already sitting on another bag mountain not so far from her, and winking her eye at the young man. The young man smiles and says, "I guess what a woman can do, a man can too. You're not doing so bad either, Marya darling."

Nadea wakes up from her bed, and then rushes towards her grandfather excitedly. "Grandpa, can we go shopping today?"

Talking about shopaholic men and women.

Night Three ends.


a kl citizen October 28, 2009 at 5:31 PM  

shopaholic-----it's some kind of disease... boleh berjangkit...

Igniz October 28, 2009 at 8:19 PM  

kl citizen: i guess so:)

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Think Before You Think.


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