Is life a toilet bowl?

History would have us believe that man helping another man to live as peacefully as possible would end up called the noble. And those people who make other people happy, smile and laugh would be remembered as the most respected people in the history of man, despite the fact that this kind of people are most probably not very rich, not very intelligent, and not very powerful. Anybody wants to counter-argue? Bring it. I don't care. I'm entitled to my opinions.

But what i'm trying to say is; isn't this kind of life full of shit? Oops, no hard feelings. Consider this one opinion that i'm trying to share. You have 10 dollars, you're going to buy an umbrella with that money, and believe me, it's going to damn rain. Then on your way to the umbrella shop, somebody stops you and says that he needs 9 dollars to buy his medicine (i'm not sure if there is any medicine costs that cheap nowadays). Whatever, my point is, that man tells you that he's gonna die without the medicine (and i'm not sure if there is such a case in the world; a man's gonna die for not taking his 9-dollar medicine), and you believe him, you give away 9 dollars to him, then he says thanks. That's the story; you saved a man's life and ended up getting wet in the heavy rain. You can't buy an umbrella with only one dollar in hands, agree? But hey, you saved a life! Isn't that noble?

Do you see my point? If you were a little bit intelligent, and a bit powerful in controlling your pity for that man, you could have walked away with all the money and save yourself from the rain. Right? But of course, that man would die...because of your 'intelligence' (if he wasn't lying).

So, is that true? In order to become rich and powerful, you have to ignore that kind of man. Is it true that in order to help another man, to be noble, you have to sacrifice things that belong to you? Even though it would cause you trouble and whatnot?

Hey, come on. Life isn't like that! But it is true. Sometimes, to be noble means you've got to be selfless, and take all the shit that goes into your mouth and swallow it so that the owner of the shit would feel happy, relieved and satisfied. Don't say you don't feel happy and satisfied after dumping loads of shit. I do.

So, life is like a toilet bowl. Take all the shit, and make them happy.


n August 2, 2009 at 12:53 AM  

ada sorg lelaki jahat dtg umah Rasulullah s.a.w. Nabi s.a.w. layan dia dengan baik giler2. Fatimah r.a @ Aishah r.a(aku x igt) tanya Nabi s.a.w., "Ya Rasulullah, kenapa engkau melayan lelaki itu dengan baik sedangkan dia seorang yang sangat zalim?"

Nabi s.a.w. jawab:
"takkan sebab kejahatannya, aku nak buang sifat baik aku?"

Igniz August 2, 2009 at 11:55 AM  

n: hmm..betul tu...

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