A Story Of A Nasyen

So this story took place exactly 612 years ago. On 1399, about a year or two before Parameswara leaned his back against the Melaka (some sort of Indian gooseberry - so they said) tree and founded Melaka (internationally known as Malacca), someone unknown had reached that very same land beforehand and 'planted' something. It was an idea. And if any of you thinks this is pretty much like the movie 'Inception' by Christopher Nolan, you are not wrong.

So this guy was called Nasyen. He came with three of his most trustworthy advisors and each advisor controls several hundreds of independent warriors. Even though I said this Nasyen guy was unknown, he was actually quite famous throughout the continent. It was just that modern people like us never heard a thing about this guy that made me label him 'unknown'. And though the advisors' warriors were called independent, they were most likely available only with the presence of imperial seals that belong to Nasyen himself and the Three Advisors. That did not make them entirely independent, did it?

On the day he set his foot on Melaka's soil (at that time it had not been named Melaka - just a new land), Nasyen promised his men that in 12 months (or more), there would be some powerful people coming to the same land. Those powerful men led by a wise young leader would soon create a small kingdom renowned to the whole seas. Then that small kingdom would later develop into a nation. "And that nation will give you everything", he told his people. Little did they know that Nasyen was under the influence of a highly sedative herb (for his infected throat) at that time, he was high and pretty much delusional, hence the speech. But the Three Advisors and their warriors did not take that lightly.

Hoping to achieve a new life, a better one, those Three Advisors vowed, come hell or high water, they would make Nasyen's words a reality. They scattered their warriors to all lands with one mission, "Make someone worthy come to this land". With secrecies in so many events, like a shadow those warriors pulled strings together, one after another, and set everything up; the biggest one would be Paduka Sri Maharaja Parameswara's flight from Temasek (now famously known as Singapore) towards the northern side of the land. In fact, the very same warriors held responsible for igniting Majapahit's invasion in order to ensure that young prince would soon reach the destined land.

And there, the Three Advisors 'borrowed' Nasyen's priced white mouse deer to play its part. Famous for its sly attitude, the mouse deer was placed close to Parameswara's resting place. Soon, the young prince's dog (most probably a Chihuahua) saw the running deer. Not knowing there was some chicken-tasting sauce spilled over the mouse deer's body, the dog chased it. It was then the dog was outwitted and kicked by the mouse deer, and Parameswara witnessed this strange event. He was then inspired to found a kingdom.

Wait...wait a minute. You never heard of this story? Seriously?

Okay, you may say that this story was made up. You may say that I was telling a lie. You may even believe this story really did take place, if you want to. Everybody can claim they know the real history behind the foundation of our land and people. They can say that this is from here and that is from there. You can say anything. But for the love of God, we are all here, are we not?

The invasion of Majapahit, the foundation of Melaka, the rise of Tanah Melayu, Malaya, and eventually Malaysia, everything is a series of events. Maybe it happened by fate, maybe by coincidence, maybe by a lie. But again, we are here, are we not? And that is what matters.

We are stuck together here in one land. So let's just stick together. We have an idea of our own now. We have our Nasyen, we have our Three Advisors, and most of all, our independent warriors. Let's just stick with that for the moment.

You don't understand what I'm talking about? Too bad.


Maria Elena (Zarul) January 6, 2011 at 8:25 PM  

lie or truth,

you're right! we;re here already. so what. instead of hating, just tolerate. =)

Igniz January 6, 2011 at 10:29 PM  

maria elena: exacta! :D

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